Still catching up

Posted: January 8, 2012 in All things literary, Musings, Political
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I’ve been writing an unblog for a short while, so I’m still catching up….

I love the idea and feel of fleece but it has one attribute so overwhelmingly annoying that I have a few pieces I’m considering throwing out or donating.  That attribute is the consummate ability to pick up hair (whatever I have left after washing and brushing mine) and fuzz from any and every source and then be unwilling to yield possession of it back to me, even when I’m coaxing (or attempting wrench, depending on my mood) all of it back off via my lint brush.  Said brush works wonderfully on most things but fleece fights back with all its might and, too often, wins.

Folks, this ain’t normal (referenced the previous post), made me furious in too many ways even to document in a short while but mainly in the plethora of stupid rules, regulations and laws that are not only ridiculous but harmful and counterproductive.  Guess from whence they emanate?  The (mostly federal but not always) government…the entity that thinks they have to, and have the right to, run our lives, micromanage everything we do and make us pay for the privilege.  We should be able to run the entire country on the energy of the Founding Fathers whirling full time and so fast as to be unseeable in their graves!  Common sense has long since disappeared and along with absolute power corrupting absolutely, it absolutely destroys whatever cells are tasked with common sense so that when some opportunity for intelligent thought comes along, those cells are short-circuited.  But wait.  Intelligent thought, so-called, is probably at the basis of the problem.  Those believing they have the corner on it think that we, the rest of the world, need them to tell us how to do everything and that we, left to ourselves, will self-destruct, taking them with us.  Oh, how the opposite is true!!

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, that or the other thing.

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