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Posted: January 9, 2012 in All things literary, Political
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From one book that made me furious to another, this time Gangster Government, Barack Obama and The New Washington Thugocracy, by David Freddoso.  Sometimes what I read makes me so angry I have to stop reading for awhile to do some real, something grounded—some chores, some cooking, drink a cup of tea while looking out the window at the sunshine, think about how happy I am my husband’s operation went well.  The one question that remains unanswered to me is why anyone would want the government to do more “for” us.  In most cases I believe it’s “to” us, not “for” us, but why do you want someone else telling you what to do, how/when/where to do it, who will/should/must do it and how, without ever a reasonable why?  And then, of course, the kicker—doing it all with the money taken straight (or not so straightly) from your pocket, wasting a good deal of it, then telling you what to do with the little that remains.

I realize that I lied, inadvertently.  I do have a second unanswered question—why do so many people not understand that the government gets the money for all their programs and salaries and so much more from us?  When you say, “The government will do that”, “The federal government will give us funds for that bridge/program/’art’/whatever”, that money isn’t just plucked from the air (although they do sometimes print it even without backing), it comes right from your paycheck, your taxes, your wallet and from those of everyone else in the country.  To borrow a slightly adulterated quote from “The Three Amigos”, “If you want some money, you just take some money” (in your best outlaw, Mexican voice.)

Tell me you honestly think that’s right.  Go ahead.  Make my day.  Double-dog dare you.  And if you do, back it up.

To tie both books together, why should it be illegal in places to hang your clothes outside?  Common sense has flown the coop, given up the ghost, gotten out of Dodge.  I’ve wanted a clothesline for years and now, after reading Folks, this ain’t normal, I’m resolved to have one.  I plan it to be “Don’t ask, don’t tell.”  I’m not going to ask if it’s OK and I’m not going to tell anyone about it.  If someone else tells and it’s illegal, then we’ll see where we go from there.  Winning back our country and our rights one clothesline at a time.

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, that or the other thing.

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