Posted: January 16, 2012 in Dogs
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Although it’s another travel day for me, there’s excitement because today Mama arrives. Mama is a pit bull that was part of a fighting ring and was rescued. Many of the dogs didn’t survive. Mama has heartworm and has to be kept quiet. She’ll be evaluated for heartworm soon but was already evaluated for temperament and passed with flying colors. Our nearby rescue, For the Love of Pits,,  is getting her to our house and providing everything for her care, as they always do. They’re an excellent organization, run completely by volunteers and on donated money.

The story of how we got involved with pit bulls is for another time. Right now, we look forward to having Mama here so she can experience the love she’s never had. Hopefully as she heals emotionally, her scars will be covered, her heartworm dealt with and she’ll find first a foster, then a forever home.

Mama’s only her temporary name.  The search is on for a good southern or Cajun name for her.

  1. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Do tell us the story of how you got involved. Love her name!

    • Robin, Megan got interested in pit bulls somehow and she found For the Love of Pits near us. They not only rescue pit bulls but do amazing work with the rescue dogs, with the foster families and with the forever families as well as trying to impact the community and teach them more about pit bulls. Pit bulls used to be known as nanny dogs because they were family dogs that were good with children. Of course there can be mean pits just as there can be mean dogs of other kinds, but most pit problems are owner-caused!! If you read about Michael Vick’s dogs, many of them were rehabbed, some even became therapy dogs. For the most part, these dogs have to be forced to fight, yet they’re discriminated against everywhere without the least amount of knowledge on the part of the cities.

      Anyway, Megan wanted to foster a dog and I agreed, which is how we got our Janie. She now has a forever home with a family who loves her, but if we would have been able to keep her, we would have. She changed the minds of everyone who met her, including my husband. She was a complete sweetheart, loved people and wanted nothing more than to climb in your lap and be loved. I’ll have to to more on her in another post.

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