United’s unfriendly skies–for pit bulls and others

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Dogs, Personal, Political
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United has decided that they’re getting on the breed specific legislation boat just when most other people and places, with some notable exceptions (read about some here….https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2012/03/09/beyond-the-myth-a-film-about-pit-bulls-and-breed-discrimination-2/), are jumping off that boat in record numbers.

If United started discriminating against people, there would be an uproar.  What if they started not letting people on board with babies because babies can fuss and make noise (which they can)?  What if they banned all overweight people because they can lap over into someone else’s seat and cause them discomfort, both literal and figurative (which they can)?  What if they banned people who looked to the airlines as if they were criminals or gang members or whatever you choose?  What if they banned drinking on board because people who drink can get loud and annoying (which they can)?  There would be an uproar!!

This uproar has to come from you, the reader.  The dogs can’t do it themselves.  They need our help.  So sign the petition and pass it on to everyone you know.  Start your own petition.  Call United.  If you’re a frequent flyer with them, email and call them.

I thank you, Janie (our first rescue dog) thanks you, Satchmo (the dog formerly known as Bernie) thanks you, Anabelle (you can read about her in my “dog” posts) thanks you, For the Love of Pits, http://www.fortheloveofpits.org/, thanks you.  Protest this in a way that will garner you listeners and signers, not with hatred and bad language.  Be respectful but firm and we’ll all get a lot farther.  Of course the airlines shouldn’t have to take just any animal willy-nilly.  But the standards should be based on behavior, rather than on the breed.

So pass it on.  Let United know this isn’t right and we’re united in getting them to change.   Together perhaps we can make the skies more friendly for everyone and every dog.  Let’s roar!!!

Here’s the link:


May 30, 2012…..update….United has since rescinded this policy.

  1. Christopher says:

    I am sorry.

    We part company on this issue, and perhaps a few more, Janet. Call me a socialist if you must.

    If the dog were a greyhound, I’d be stirred to action. Same goes for a poodle. Or a Pomeranian.

    But a pitbull? Really?

    I side with United. Protect the humans on the side of safety. The history of the breed — admittedly due to human abuse and misuse — is checkered. The “pitbull” situation is more a refelection of us than them. But…

    If the entire breed were put down, I’d concur.

    • You’re certainly entitled to your opinion, Christopher. After all, this is America (at least I think so.) However, my experience with pit bulls has been very different and my point isn’t that they need to accept all pit bulls or all of any other breed without restraint. What about German shepherds, which can be very unfriendly? Rottweilers? Dobermans? We’ve had three foster pit bulls from rescue situations and they’ve all been wonderful.

      Have a policy that reflects behavior. That’s fair.

    • cabecada says:

      The moment the slandered pit bulls become exterminated for “public safety” another breed will be pushed into their place.

      Once your pit bulls, your dobermans, your mastiffs and german sheps are gone, your golden retrievers and labs will be in the fighting rings, over bred and abused by the same people who abuse pit bulls, who beat them and chain them to starve them socially and break them.

      How can you admit the human fault and yet condone the extermination of an entire breed of dumb animal who has no fault of its own?

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