Shameless plug #2—perfect for road trips

Posted: March 25, 2012 in Travel
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Now that spring’s here, so are the rains and what you need to make your travels much easier is Rain-X. Put Rain-X on your windshield (be sure to clean it thoroughly first) and the next time you drive through the rain, the rain will roll right off the top of your windshield! I’m not kidding. You can also put Rain-X washer fluid in your windshield washer reservoir and every time you use the washer fluid, it will help restore the Rain-X coating to your windshield. Use both together and you’ll get even longer coverage.

I was skeptical about this at first, but I love it and I’m not easily impressed by products of any kind. I love driving in the rain without even having my wipers on, yet being able to see perfectly, while almost everyone else has their wipers on continuously. (OK, I do it for the safety, but the fun factor and feeling of superiority are always good, too.) I haven’t tried the wipers or any of the other products, but the two I mentioned work completely as advertised, are inexpensive and come highly recommended by me and my family, people who don’t make a dime out any sales and unfortunately, don’t get any free product, either! I don’t know about the availability overseas; if you live out of the US, you’ll have to let me know. But if you can get Rain-X, as the old saw goes: Try it. You’ll like it.

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