This recipe became a favorite in our house after our local Chinese restaurant for some inexplicable reason stopped making their cold sesame noodles, something about not being able to get the sauce, although I never really did figure out what the problem was.  But the sauce evidently never came back. Then I discovered this recipe in a mailing from Vegetarian Times and tried it, serving it the first time with trepidation for fear it wouldn’t be a suitable replacement.  Luckily, our younger daughter said she likes this better, making me a happy cook.  This makes excellent travel food as well as a dinner entrée.  You don’t have to put it in the take-out box, though.

I use more green onions or, if I don’t have green onions, chopped yellow onions work well, too.  I’ve never used the cilantro (our daughter doesn’t like it) or the lime and you can always just have noodles and peanut sauce without feeling  deprived at all.  But all the crunchy stuff, besides being good for you, tastes good and provides a nice contrast to the sauce and noodles.  Don’t forget the 1/4 cup water.  For some reason, it’s not in the ingredient list, but you want it so that your sauce isn’t as thick as peanut butter.  I have to say it might not serve six people, though.  You’ll have to see for yourself.

If I were Rachel Ray, I’d probably say “Yum-o”; if I were Philip R. Craig’s J.W. Jackson, I’d just say, “Delish!”

Spicy Peanut Noodles

Vegetarian Times Issue: April 1, 2006 p.42
For milder noodles, start with 1 tsp. chile paste. If you want more spice, add a dab at a time, tasting as you go.

Ingredient List
Serves 6

• 8 oz. linguine
• 1/3 cup low-fat creamy peanut butter
• 2 Tbs. low-sodium soy sauce
• 1 1/2 Tbs. rice wine vinegar
• 1 to 2 tsp. chile paste with garlic
• 1/2 tsp. sugar
• 1 medium-size red bell pepper, cut into thin strips
• 3/4 cup chopped seeded cucumber
• 3 green onions, sliced diagonally into 1/4-inch pieces (about 1/4 cup)
• 2 Tbs. chopped cilantro
• 4 lime wedges, optional


Please go to for directions.
Nutritional Information
Per SERVING: Calories: 234, Protein: 9g, Total fat: 8g, Saturated fat: 1g, Carbs: 33g, Cholesterol: mg, Sodium: 270mg, Fiber: 3g, Sugars: 4g

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  1. Just to update…I didn’t realize when I posted this that I wasn’t allowed to use the picture, so I’ve removed it from the blog site and have directed readers to the website for directions for the recipe as requested by “Vegetarian Times.” My apologies!

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