Grammar nazi sightings, a short list

Posted: April 3, 2012 in Grammar nazi, Humor, Just for fun, Miscellaneous, Words
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Just to get your day off to a good, or possibly frustrating, start, I bring you recent grammar nazi sightings.  Enjoy (or cringe!)

Laugh’s for Monday!…..introducing a cute sign (which also had grammatical errors.).  Sigh.

Age’s 6-17in a church newsletter.  Oh, those misplaced commas!!

Why don’t you just lay down?”…Shawn to Gus on “Psych”.  Say it ain’t so, Shawn.  Gus, just lie down, unless you want to lay Shawn out with a right to the jaw for putting you two on the grammar nazi’s list.

And then, sad to report, only a few minutes later: “It’s time for Gus and I to be off.”  If it’s not time for I to be off, it’s not time for anyone and I to be off.  Me, me, me.  In this case, it really is all about me. Time for “me” to be off, so time for Gus and me to be off.  Thank you.

  1. 2b14u says:

    Bring or Take? Those two words are always used incorrectly on shows.