What I learned from fostering pit bulls

Posted: April 7, 2012 in Dogs, Personal
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Besides what I learned just from fostering a dog, (previous post), these are things I learned from fostering pit bulls.

If you have a pit bull, everything you and your dog do will be scrutinized at least ten times more than if you have any other type of dog.

 If you own a pit bull, many  people assume the worst about you and your dog.

Because of the two preceding statements, if you own a pit bull, you and your dog are breed ambassadors,  whether you like it or not.  So get used to it and live up to it.  Pit bulls deserved it.

Because of the three preceding statements, if you and your dog do your job well, you will change hearts and minds everywhere.  What does the ad say?  Priceless!!  Make the most of the opportunity.



If you have a pit bull, you resent like everything the people who try to make these loving dogs, formerly known as “nanny dogs” for a reason, fight.  These dogs are lovers, not fighters.

 If you have a pit bull, you learn that anything a pit bull does wrong is shouted from the highest treetop and the front page.  The same thing, done by another breed, is hard to find, breed is rarely mentioned and the breed isn’t demonized.

If you have a pit bull, there are cities you won’t want to live in.  Denver, Cincinnati, Miami and San Francisco deserve their places at the top of the list.  Don’t worry; there are plenty more cities (and nicer), in this big country.

 If you have a pit bull, you will meet the nicest people who also have pit bulls and the most amazing system of rescue people around.  There are other great rescues, I know, but they don’t have to rescue both dogs and reputations.

 When you have or have had a pit bull, when you see another one, you’ll recognize it immediately, look at that wide pitty smile and think, “What a cute dog!”  However, quite a few people don’t think that way.  They’ll see your dog and think, “Oh, no.  A pit bull.”  They might even cross to the other side of the street.   You and your dog will always be breed ambassadors, so be good ones.

If you rescue a pit bull, odds are you will have a wonderful, wonderful companion!



If you are interested in fostering or adopting a carefully selected pit bull, please check here:

For the Love of Pits (Cleveland, Oh area)  http://www.fortheloveofpits.org/

 (This is the organization we’ve worked with and they’re excellent!!)

 For a look at their success stories and dogs, go here and be ready to smile: 


Just FYI, Janie and Satchmo were two dogs we fostered as well.


  1. Rachel says:

    Looking at the most lovable cuddle-able pit bull as I write this! Thank you for sharing!

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