Dorothy, we’re not in Ohio anymore!

Posted: April 20, 2012 in Family, Personal, Travel
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Wednesday, I left Ohio for the sunny warmth of Arizona, on a Southwest flight delayed by the departure of Airforce One from Cleveland at the moment when our baggage was about to loaded on the plane.  If you could see the airport and surrounding area at the time, it would appear as a movie when there’s a glitch and everything freezes for a few minutes, then resumes just where it left off a few moments earlier.  One of my fellow passengers had been at the IX-Center, an enormous building by the airport where conventions are held, an indoor amusement park is open in the winter, a home and flower show in summer and other such delights.  He said he heard a rumor that at 1 pm, the building was going to be locked, so he left shortly before that time.  Sure enough, the doors were locked during the President’s arrival and though I get it, I had a vision of all the business men and women swarming out of the building towards the airplane, causing chaos.

Although flying isn’t really much fun these days, I think Southwest makes it about as good as it gets, with friendly people, generally on-time flights and, best of all, bags that fly free, a huge savings in the era of charging passengers for every little amenity.  Even the TSA workers were friendly and while standing in the line for security, I noticed a large set of three cases on a nearby wall.  They were filled with weapons of all sorts and the man in front of me and I were speculating as to whether they were there as examples of what-not-to-bring to a flight or items that had been confiscated.  The TSA official I asked, said they were items “voluntarily surrendered” by passengers after 9-11.  Hmmmmm.  Make of that what you will.  There were sticks of dynamite, a grenade, enormous knives, throwing stars, all sorts of weapons.  And to think that nail clippers were once banned!  Can’t you just see a hijacker rushing the cockpit, ripping off the captain’s shoes and telling him, “Take me to __________ or I’ll cut your nails so short you’ll bleed to death?”  Knitting needles are really much more dangerous.  No wonder they frisk those little old ladies!

After my usual walk around the airport for exercise, a number of stretches, some reading time (real book, although I had my Kindle as well) and a bit more walking, we loaded and were ready to go (bar waiting for the President).  I’d chosen a two-stop, no-change flight that went to Chicago, Albuquerque and finally, Phoenix.  It had started, I found out, from Chicago, gone to two or three eastern airports before arriving in Cleveland and was still headed for Reno after Phoenix.  Long day.  Different flight crews on each leg, though.  No pilot changes while I was aboard.

Definitely NOT Ohio

Today I’ve enjoyed sunshine, warm temperatures (OK, hot—92!) and the terrain and vegetation of the southwest.  I got some natural vitamin D on the patio and will hopefully catch up on a bit of sleep tonight.  Tomorrow’s another rest day, then the Phoenix-Chicago road trip begins.  Stay tuned!!

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