Grammar nazi sightings and an excellent picture

Posted: April 21, 2012 in All things literary, Grammar nazi, Humor, Words
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Specialities….It’s “specialties”, no extra “I”, three syllables, not five.  I hear this a lot.  Don’t know if people think it sounds more erudite or just don’t know.

“Do not put soil diapers in paper towel bin”….a sign posted on Facebook by a friend.  Didn’t know you could make diapers from soil, but they should be easily recyclable!!  It does give a whole new  meaning to the phrase “dirty diapers”.  Very earthy humor.

 Irregardless…It’s just “regardless”.  Regardless of how often you hear “irregardless”, it’s just not right (grammatically speaking.)  Even SpellCheck/Spell Check  knows it’s wrong.

Thanks to another friend on Facebook who posted this picture:

Too, to, two funny! (Or tutu??)

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