Ve have our vays of finding dese tings!!

Mom’s Love Us.    The subject line for an email from a restaurant advertising for Mother’s Day.  They have wonderful food, but could use either some editing help or more knowledge about apostrophes and plurals.

Can I go to the bathroom?   When I was teaching, my high school students would ask me this if they wanted permission to leave the room and use the restroom.  I response was always, “I hope so.”  I explained that “can” meant  they were asking me if they were physically able to “go” once they reached their destination, while “may” asked for permission to get there to see if they could “go”.  Eye-rolling, funny faces, sighs, etc. ensued…but they did learn to ask for permission rather than for a critique of their bodily functions.

Do you want to rev up your sex life or have erectile dysfunction?   An ad on the radio.  Maybe reversing the two clauses would better say what the writer (or company) really intended.   Is there anyone looking for a way to get erectile dysfunction?

This next one, shared on Facebook, is not my normal language, but it fits right into the Grammar nazi sightings and I know it’s pretty mild for many, so I’m including it.

There’s a big difference!

  1. jodiks says:

    I had a teacher in high school that would correct those of us silly enough to use “can” instead of “may”. 🙂

    My favorite icon currently is one that says “It gets me hot when you use their, they’re and there correctly” 😛

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