Oatmeal–it’s what’s for breakfast

Posted: April 28, 2012 in Food, Gifts, Health, Recipes, Vegan/vegetarian
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I previously posted one of my favorite breakfast recipes (Whole Grain Pancake Mix by Julie Hasson, https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2012/04/10/peter-please-its-pancakes/) ) but since there are seven days in week, you need some other breakfast choices, so I thought another favorite might be welcome.

I’ve known for years that oatmeal was good for me, but never really liked it hot.  I like oatmeal in cookies or with fruit and yogurt for muesli, even in bread, but not as hot oatmeal. But when I discovered this recipe from Get It Ripe, by Jae Steele, I became a convert.  Yes, it takes a bit more time and effort than microwave oatmeal, but it’s well worth it (and better for you.) Although the recipe says it might take as much as 8 minutes, it takes me much less time than that, generally only a few minutes.

I make ten or twelve of these mixes at a time, using the little snack Ziploc bags and putting each ingredient into all the bags before going to the next ingredient.  Keeps me from forgetting where I am in the process!  I included these in my Christmas gift baskets this year, along with the pancake mix and other goodies.  Giving the gift of time and good health together is a win-win situation.

 Cozy Oatmeal

Get It Ripe, Jae Steele


1/3 c. rolled oats

¾ c. water

7 or so almonds, chopped or 1-2 T raw sunflower seeds

1 T. raisins or chopped dates

¼ t. cinnamon

Pinch of sea salt

½ apple/pear, cored & chopped

1 T. flax seeds, freshly ground

Maple syrup/honey to taste, (optional)

Non-dairy milk to taste (optional)  (You can use regular milk if you’re not avoiding dairy.)

Combine everything up to flax seeds in a small pot on medium heat.  Cook, stirring occasionally, until oats are desired consistency (8 min. or less).  Transfer to a bowl, sprinkle with seeds and any optional ingredients.  Dried apricots or other dried fruit are also good along with or instead of the raisins.

You can find Jae’s blog and more recipes at http://domesticaffair.blogspot.com/.

  1. Cindy Marsch says:

    Try my method, for spontaneity when you haven’t planned ahead: dice an apple or pear or banana into a bowl, add oats, spice of your choice, and a tiny pinch of salt, with a splash of water, and microwave for a minute or two (more for apple). While that’s working, toast nuts of your choice in toaster oven or skillet, combine, and enjoy!

    Here are some of my favorites:
    apple with ginger (fresh is best) and walnuts
    apple or pear with cardamom and almonds
    apple with cinnamon and pecans
    banana with walnuts (and maybe cinnamon)