Raindrops hang on leaves and dot the deck.
Grey clouds cover the sun that only those in airplanes are seeing now.
But the humidity is gone.
Coolness rushes in as I open the windows
bringing with it the heady scent of lilacs.
Last year we came late,
didn’t know what plants and flowers would come to life in spring and early summer.
The sunshine colors of the daffodils have given way to the pale purple of lilacs.
White daisies await their turn,
a few early bloomers swaying in the breeze.
Later there will be day lilies,
one clump striving to hide the mailbox,
despite its high pole,
making it easy to find the house.
As I open the windows, I see the dog next door
coursing through the high grass on his stubby legs,
his belly wet from raindrops,
his nose employed fulltime.
Already, on sunnier days,
giant bumblebees have banged against the window.
But this morning everything is still
except for the singing of the birds and the distant, constant drone of traffic.
The first floor rooms fill slowly with cool air and the smell of lilacs;
those upstairs are reluctant to give up their warmth…
a book and cup of hot tea the perfect complement to the morning.

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