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Posted: May 6, 2012 in Miscellaneous, Musings
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Someone who called in to a talk show the other day said he worked with the criminally insane in Washington, D.C.  That should keep him working forever!

I haven’t yet figured out why the “Comments” section following many online articles is so filled with name-calling and angry, hateful remarks.  (Fortunately, I haven’t seen this on blogs, perhaps because of being able to moderate, or perhaps classier readers?!)  Then there are the people who, in the comment section, put in ads, try to get a date or say other things I’d rather not mention.  Get a life; but if this is your life, live it offline!  Or produce and act in a prime-time TV, cable, or talk show, where this type of behavior seems to be popular and acceptable.

By guaranteeing three things: life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (notice no guarantee of happiness, just the right to go after it), the Founding Fathers left us much more free and much better off than if they’d enumerated every single right they could think of, the way people want it to be now.  All today’s guaranteed “rights” mean that there is little left up to the individual and implies that everyone is the same, which they patently are not.

If phones can figure out the time where you are, not just where they are, why can’t all laptops/computers?

Why do groups of women in bars tend to scream while men use the f-word…loudly and often?  Both fail to impress.

 There was discussion the other day about President Obama’s biography.  Two comments struck me as interesting.  The first was that the President put a number of his girlfriends into a composite person in the book.  But it was phrased as the girl was a “compressed girlfriend.”  I have to admit that made me laugh aloud as pictures of a compressed girlfriend danced in my head.

The second remark was that “Obama’s biography was not meant to be factual.”  Funny; I thought that was the point of biographies which are, after all, categorized as non-fiction.  Perhaps a new category will emerge, that of fictional biography about a real person.  Odd.

Another odd thing was the fact that when Robert Ludlum died, the inside back cover of the book jackets for the a number of years all talked about him in the present tense, even when he was dead and someone else was writing the books.    Did they think no one knew?


On a non-random note, I’m getting ready for a trip to Costa Rica with our older daughter, an unexpected Christmas gift from her to a place I’ve never been.  I hope to have pictures and commentary as my internet accessibility allows.

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