A walk around “our” lake

Posted: May 8, 2012 in House and home, Nature, Personal
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The morning was too beautiful to spend inside, so I took a walk around the lake that’s part of the housing area in which we live and took a few pictures to share with you.  Please forgive the quality of a few of them.  I only have a small digital camera and, with the sun so bright, it’s difficult to see what the picture looks like until I get home.  As for the geese, when goslings are around, it’s difficult to get close enough without a telephoto.

That being said, come walk with me and enjoy the morning.

Some wind in the willows

Me in the willows

I couldn’t manage the bird in the hand, so you’re stuck with one in the bush.

Self-portrait (slightly enlarged)


In the background of the next picture, you can see an example of what geese do best…poop on the sidewalk (or anywhere else, but usually where you want to walk.)

Father guard goose; doing a lot of neck-arching and hissing (not in this picture)

Guarding this family. Is one of those little ones Ryan? 🙂 My celebrity humor for the week.

Almost back.

There’s an older, possibly middle European, man who lives here with his daughter and her family.  He has the most amazing garden and grows lots of grapes.

Grape vines

Home again.

  1. Lovely! What a nice place to take a walk.

    • It’s especially nice because it’s only a couple blocks away. Naperville has a wonderful park system, from large prairie parks to smaller, local ones like this, which are really for overflow but beautifully done.

  2. billgncs says:

    great place to hold hands, not so good in the Chicago winter wind.

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