I love tea and I love teapots.  I’ve collected a few over the years (and resisted even more).  Mine don’t look like buildings or people or any of the other interesting and/or out-there teapots I’ve seen, but I love them.

I got this teapot years ago when I was living in Colorado.  It reminded me of the mountains and the outdoors.  I’m still enjoy using it.  Dan, of The Tea House in Naperville, Illinois, http://www.theteahouse.com/, says you should clean your teapot only with very hot water, no soap or detergent, and when you’re done, dry it with a paper towel.  Good advice about the paper towel, since tea can stain a dish towel.  If you’re ever in Naperville, stop by and visit Dan.  He has a great selection of teas (you can order online, too) as well as lots of teapots and accessories, and he’s not only very knowledgeable but a lovely, helpful person.

Our younger daughter bought met this teapot in Freeport, Maine (home of L.L. Bean) during a wonderful summer trip.  So far I haven’t used it for tea, just as a decoration.  This type of teapot should be seasoned, then used for only one specific type of tea.  You can read more about seasoning a teapot at http://www.luhyutea.com/main.asp?page=seasoning or http://www.gongfugirl.com/seasoning-a-new-yixing-teapot/.

While in Seward, Nebraska for my 40th high school reunion last September, I found this antique Chinese teapot at Blue Heron Antiques, a shop filled with an enormous variety of beautiful , often unique antiques.  The owner spent a long time showing me just a few of his many treasures and telling me all about them. I was hard pressed to only buy one teapot!  (I also got my husband an amazing pair of bookends.)  You can find out more about his fascinating shop here:  http://journalstar.com/niche/l-magazine/features/blue-heron-antiques/article_bc755133-7ac1-51c6-ba8b-948b44c9fc1b.html.  I love the dragon handle as well as the dragon spout.

Here’s the other side.  This pot should also be seasoned before using.

Cast iron teapots are popular and beautiful.  They, too, require special care…http://www.sensationalteas.com/tetsubinusecare.html.  These teapots come with an infuser that fits inside the pot.  Once the tea has infused for the correct amount of time, remove the infuser and the tea leaves so that the tea doesn’t become overly steeped and bitter.  You can generally re-steep a good tea, sometimes as many as three times.  Cast iron pots can be pricey.  I got lucky.  I found my three at T.J. Maxx and More.

While I love to drink good tea, having a beautiful teapot definitely enhances the experience.  I especially love it when I have time to sit down and savor my tea, not just drinking on the run or while working.  Now that the weather is getting summery, stop by for a cuppa in our backyard where I’ll be sitting at our little wrought-iron table, relaxing with one of my many teas.

  1. billgncs says:

    I always thought you were a beau-tea

  2. Bodhirose says:

    Your husband sent me over here after he commented on a posting I wrote about the Satsuma tea cup that was gifted to me. Thanks for sharing…the photos are very nice. I love tea and teapots too. Yours are beautiful…love the dragon-handled one. Mine are of the more exotic, Asian variety…one called The Buddha’s Hand…I loved it even more after finding out the name of it. Used the link you provided and looked around The Tea House and looked at all the teapots…found something new…those “tea pets”…charming! We have a similar place here called Teavana….many lovely pots for sale and a huge array of teas…and always one brewing to taste.

    I prefer to sip my tea and enjoy slowly too…

    Gayle ~

    • Hi, Gayle. Nice to meet you. Thanks for dropping by. I’m glad you liked the teapots and The Tea House. We have Teavana, too. They have some lovely pots but I don’t like that they sweeten virtually all their teas when putting them out for tasting. It’s impossible to taste the original tea taste that way and since I never sweeten my tea, I particularly dislike it. Our younger daughter bought me a lovely raku handle less cup from Teavana. The whole set was too expensive but I use the cup every day. Stop by again.

      • Bodhirose says:

        Nice to meet you too. I agree, I think sweetening should be left up to the customers. Thanks for the kind hospitality and the invitation to visit again…

      • I hope to get over to check out a picture of your teapot (I’m guessing you have one) but it’s been a really busy day and I can’t keep away from working all the time. 🙂 I have a peck of tomatoes that need to be made into sauce or something, so that’s where I’m headed right now.

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