Lest we forget

Posted: May 28, 2012 in Family, Memories, Musings, Personal
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Memorial Day.  In memory.  Remembering those to whom we and so many others owe our freedoms.  In the Commonwealth (and on a different date)…Remembrance Day.  Also a good name.

Omaha Beach

Last year we spent three days in Normandy; one day (10 hours) seeing American battle sites and related places; a second day revisiting much we saw on Day 1, including a long time at the American cemetery; a third day, just my husband and me with Tony, our guide, visiting British and Canadian sites.  My father-in-law was one of these often young, heroic men who fought to keep an entire continent, and most of the world, free.  They didn’t plan to be heroes; they just became them by facing and doing the most mundane, terrifying and horrifying things.

Many of them gave their lives, literally.  Many others gave the rest of their lives dealing with, or unable to deal with, the aftermath of war.  While trying to deal with the results, many also inadvertently sacrificed the lives, or parts of the lives, of their families as well.

The American cemetery

At the American cemetery, there is a very moving (often to tears), museum that tries, quite successfully, to capture not only what went on at Omaha Beach and other places like it but the feelings of what happened there.  As we watched a video, all keeping our eyes straight ahead, (although I’m sure there were others like me whose tears were not only in their eyes), we heard a French woman sobbing behind us.  In the museum was this quote:

Hence, Memorial Day.  Remembrance Day.

Lest we forget that sometimes, regrettably, war is the only answer.

Lest we forget the price of war.

Lest we forget those willing to pay that price; forget to thank those to whom we can still give thanks.

Lest we forget that we owe them what we enjoy each day.

Lest we forget their families, who also give or gave so much.

Lest we forget.

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