Although it seemed odd not to be selling chèvre this morning, I did enjoy having time to stroll leisurely around the market, look at everything, buy some things and schmooze a lot!Come; stroll with me and enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the market.  Better yet, come next weekend.  The market runs from 8-noon virtually year-round (indoors in the winter, so don’t worry) and if you can’t make it to Shaker Square, there are other markets throughout the metropolitan Cleveland area.  Find the one closest to you here:  If you don’t live in or near Cleveland, look for a market near you and help support local farmers and growers.

I always buy berries from Buster and his family who run Woolf Farms,  I was part of their CSA last year, but am gone too many weekends this year.  I bought berries last weekend at the Naperville farmer’s market and, while better than store berries, they were nothing like the ones I bought today from Buster!  Today’s berries were huge and sweet, perfuming the air in the kitchen when I got them home.  No need to add anything; just wash (which is probably superfluous) and eat as slowly as possible to savor the flavor.  They’re salt-of-the-earth people who also sell, among other things, amazing peaches and apples.  I use their apples for my Pressure Cooker Applesauce.

Woolf Farms strawberries

If asparagus were in season year-round, my family and I would be happy campers!  So we’re wallowing in the abundance right now.  That’s what you have to do…wallow in whatever you like when it’s in season.  If you can preserve it through canning or freezing or drying, so much the better.

There was a new stand today, selling oriental and other greens.  I’d already stocked up at a smaller market during the week, but I’ll definitely be buying here…and they’re right across from where I’ll be selling.  How convenient!

Good prices, too.

I love Ohio City Pasta,, although I didn’t get a very good picture.  Check out the lovely pictures on their website.

Ohio City Pasta

If you’re looking for soaps and lotions, run, don’t walk, to Morning Song Gardens’ stand.  Everything’s natural, feels great and smells good enough to eat.  If you can’t make it to the market, you can visit them online at (They’re lovely people, too, which is a bonus.)  I use one of their soaps nightly on my face; I don’t remember which one because it’s lasted so long!  Our older daughter loves their lip bee balm and their products make great gifts.  Trust me…I’ve given them.

Morning Song Gardens

Today’s treat was macarons from Coquette Pattisserie,  They have all sorts of pastry delights and you’ll swear you’re in France.  I got lavender and pistachio.  Yum!!.  You should see the other goodies!!

Macarons, not macaroons.

Macarons are just the beginning!

Here are a few other market scenes:

Various lettuces

Garlic scapes


Some of what I bought:

I was so nice that I even got enough macarons to share with our younger daughter, so when I got back, we had tea and macarons at our little table in the back yard.  So good!

Saturday morning tea time

  1. …love macarons…but I never share them ;o)))

  2. Ah, I thoroughly enjoyed my spin around your farmer’s market! You should make this a weekly feature. I love the basket pic. Excellent choices. Gorgeous shots! YES. Coquette Pattisserie’s are beauties! Great name! T. (Enjoy the week!)

    • Hmmm, good idea to do a weekly feature. I’m there every Saturday morning anyway and I always hang out until the library opens at 9, so I have lots of time.

      Glad you enjoyed the market and thanks for the visit.


  3. Coquette Pattisserie’s macarons are beauties!