He looks out…
sees space,
sees opportunity;
feels freedom.

She looks out…
sees space,
sees emptiness;
feels loneliness.

He looks down…
sees crops,
sees growth;
feels anticipation.

She looks down…
sees dryness,
sees obstacles;
feels discouragement.

He looks inward…
sees challenge,
sees work;
feels tall.

She looks inward…
sees questions,
sees work;
feels uncertain.

He looks toward her…
sees beauty
sees courage;
feels tenderness.

She looks toward him…
sees caring,
sees fortitude;
feels  resolution.

They look outward…
see opportunity,
see hardship;
feel purpose.

They look together…
see the sunrise,
see each other;
feel love.

To read all the stories prompted by this picture, go to Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers site:

  1. Kwadwo says:

    Sounds to me like they’re made for each other. Ying and Yang balancing each other.

  2. raina says:

    love this…very well written and captures the relationship beautifully…

    Our stories are on the list:

  3. Kaitlin says:

    How lovely a description of how people can complement one another well.

    • Thanks, Kaitlin. I know it’s popular now to say that men and women are the same, but they aren’t…and that’s a good thing. They can do many of the same things, think many of the same thoughts, feel many of the same emotions, but they aren’t the same. As you said, they’re designed to complement each other and that’s part of what i was trying to convey.

  4. Linda says:

    Oh my that is the perfect way to describe how two people face a ‘challenge’ together – thank you for sharing and creating it.

    I’m on the list but for those who happen across, my offering is also here:

    • Thanks, Linda. It would certainly apply to any situation, not just the one in the picture. I’m looking forward to reading some other stories a little later in the morning when I have more time to read, think and respond.

  5. Mike says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this.
    First seeing such different things through their separate eyes and then together they see the future.

    • Thank you, Mike. When we drive through the west, I often think of how difficult life was for those people, even in a time when living wasn’t very easy for most people. If you didn’t have a good relationship, it must have been terrible.

  6. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear Janet,

    Loved the form you used in this poem. The sum of two hearts is greater than the parts. Very heartwarming.



  7. Parul says:

    A perfect couple? 🙂
    This is unique.. Liked it very much…

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. ebooksauthor says:

    I love your ability to express each character’s separate perspective and in the end show their united perspective. Great illustration of the fact that every marriage involves three characters: the character of the wife, the character of the husband, and the character of the marriage, and no one of them is identical to either of the other two. Great work!

    • Thank you so much! You did a lovely job of expressing what I was trying to illustrate. I’m enjoying reading everyone else’s submissions, too, and I’ll be looking at more later.

  9. beebeesworld says:

    Provocative, intriguing-I like the yin-yang approach!

  10. rochellewisoff says:

    Welcome to Friday Fictioneers, Janet. I’ve found it to be an encouraging group of writers. Sweet poem. I hope he can change her outlook on life.

    • I didn’t feel she had a bad outlook, just looking a bit more at the practical side and thinking that she might be lonely, which I’m sure many women in that position were. But she’s willing to work with him and see what happens.

  11. Jan Brown says:

    This was wonderful! And I agree, men and women have different sensibilities, different perceptions, and I love the differences!

  12. flyoverhere says:

    This could be about my husband and I. I felt every line personally and of course I think it is a beautiful story! 😉

    • I’m so pleased to have touched you in such a personal way. I think it’s close to things in the life of my husband and me, too, and I think it probably was quite real in the lives of many pioneer couples of whatever era and location.

  13. boomiebol says:

    Oh i love this…almost like a mental interaction between man and woman…and how together they can be a well balanced force. Very well done. Thanks so much for stopping by mine. This is just so well done!

  14. Beautifully balanced across the two perspectives and the flow is great. Loved it.

    Thanks for your comment on ours!

  15. Love the formal structure and the constantly shifting persepctives of both of them. Great idea and perfectly executed. Thank you.

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