Blogging is like crack
(or how I imagine crack might be.)

fizzly fun,

My eyes see light,
my body still half-sleeping,
I wonder…

Any hits?
Did anyone like it
enough to “like”it?
Hurry and put it on Facebook.

Throughout the day I check
for stars, a speech bubble…

some sign that someone’s out there;
intelligent life
acknowledging my intelligence,
my existence,
my writing.

Frustration with whatever interferes with my habit

with WordPress

for not letting me format the way I want;
for having to spend time trying to get it right
when I should be doing something else;
for making hitting the “Publish” button so easy
when I didn’t mean to click it;
for not letting me take it back.

with things I need to do

for taking time away from writing;
for not allowing me to find new blogs to read
or keep up with old friends.

Needing to do it again

just one more time
not matter what the cost;
willing to do whatever it takes
to get that feeling again.

What’s next?
Where do I get my next fix?
Where’s my camera?
Don’t forget this moment!
How can I make this better?
Can’t stop even if I wanted to.
I don’t want to.
They don’t like it.
They like it.


A lot like crack…
or your drug of choice….

and my husband did this to me.

  1. hi, I passed an award (or more crack :o) to you – for the best walnut sauce ever – really!

    • Doggy's Style says:

      Easy the dealer lol

    • Thanks! That’s so dog-gone nice of you. 🙂 I’ll have to figure out how to get it onto my site. I had another award a few months ago and forgot to do that one. So glad you loved the walnut sauce. It IS killer!

  2. Yikes! I only started blogging in May and I really think this is funny and true. (Why is the publish button irreversible anyways? )

  3. EricIndiana says:

    That captures a lot of the anxiety I have over blogging. I always worry about hitting the Publish button too soon. That happened early on, and it was embarrassing. Here’s a poem I wrote last night about blogging:

    • I enjoyed your poem. Pushing the “Publish” button to soon happened to me just the other day but fortunately this time my post was ready to go. Never a dull moment!! Thanks for stopping by. I hope to see you again.