Sad fact, but true…
I’m spoiled by technology
yet not even on the cutting edge.

No Tumblr, no Digg,
no Reddit, no Twitter…
hopefully no twaddle, either.

Still, I believe and feel in my bones
connections should be lightening fast
and never fail;
emails arrive at the speed of talking
across the room.

Here, the non-speed means I watch le Tour
in 10-20 second spurts,
followed by a minute of “buffering.”
I’d like to buffer them;
see how they like it.
(And just who are they?)

A three-hour Tour
leaves me feeling I’m on an uncharted desert isle;
the race not halfway done.

Penalty for piling on…

A friend’s arrival by plane…
her email: sitting on the runway
(in the plane of course)
but “rerouted”.

The airlines website: the plane’s already gone
(ahead of schedule)
and should arrive half an hour early….
but still “awaiting takeoff.”

Nice trick if you can do it.

Next: arrival at almost 9 pm
but all other info’s incorrect.

Refresh: new story.
Re-refresh: another impossibility.

This dance lasts much too long
before an email arrives
(seemingly on time)
verifying the 9 pm-ish.

We’ll see.

Now more words fly through the air:
twenty planes ahead =
twenty-five + minutes.

Back to my book–
a real one.
On a tech-no day,
that feels very safe.

  1. Buffering, hey? I was wondering what that was when the screen does all that weirdness and it seems to be happening a lot lately. At least here on our cable.

    I like your poem!

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