I know you thought from the title that you were going to read and see pictures about me, but sorry to say, it ain’t so.  Alas.  But weep not.  I think you’ll enjoy what follows almost as much. 🙂

Some time ago I wrote about having lunch and shopping at Mitsuwa Marketplace, https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/i-think-im-turning-japanese/.   Last week I went there with my friend who was in town for a few days and we had another delicious lunch.

Tofu Gabutto burger, salmon sushi and my usual

But if you only see and eat the food (spectacular and tasty as it is), you’ve missed other aspects of one of the things the Japanese do best…create practical beauty.

I bought Megan a set of boxes for taking her lunch to art school this fall.  I had to chose among a variety of shapes and sizes, all attractive, one set even equipped with its own decorative cloth for wrapping around the pieces to hold them together.  My friend agonized over all her choices for the longest time before choosing.  Here’s the set I bought for Megan:

The boxes are about 4″ x 4″ x 2″,  so she may need to take something else as well.  But they have snap-on lids, with the decorative lid on top, and even an elastic strap to hold them together.  They can go in the dishwasher if you like and they’re just plain cute!!  How enjoyable to be treated to something more than just a plain container every time you eat lunch!!

Another place the Japanese create practical beauty is in their gift boxes.  They give these boxes on holidays, special occasions and just as thank-you gifts.  Here are some examples.

You can always enjoy the attractively presented sushi, both visually and as lunch.

Each time I go to Mitsuwa, my senses have a feast and I return home determined to incorporate a little more practical beauty into my life.  That’s a good thing and something satisfying for which to strive.

  1. anninfaith says:

    Janet, LOVED all this about the Japanese gift for ‘simple beauty’. dhPat has worked with the Japanese for over 20 years and it’s this very gift that we so appreciate about their culture, among many other things, too. LOVE the beautiful presentation of their delicious foods, making it a treat for the eye before it ever gets to the palate! May I say i am fighting that ‘coveting feeling’ over your access to such a wonderful place for Japanese flavors and beauty. Do they have a website? :o)))

  2. Clowie says:

    Those containers with the rabbits on the lids are lovely!

  3. You have the ability to make me hungry lol
    I’ll start reading your blog after lunch.