Friend time for a couple hours, so we rendezvoused in Cleveland’s Little Italy for an inexpensive but always tasty lunch at Presti’s,   We’d been blessed with rain, more threatening, so when I arrived first, I grabbed a table outside but under the overhang, protecting us from both too much sun and any possible showers.  What to have wasn’t a problem even for me, the one who usually lingers over a menu for ages, torn by all the choices.  We had our usual entree…artichoke pizza ($2/gigantic slice) and large mango iced teas ($1.50 with $.50 refills.)  When we left, we took along artichoke pesto tortellini.   Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!

I glanced across the street as something odd caught my eye.  It was a Shiva-like white stand and on the “hand” of each arm was a reddish-orange ball.  I couldn’t figure out what it was, but Cara immediately recognized the corner restaurant’s whimsical signature–a funky stand showcasing tomatoes!  Up close, it looked like this.

The tomato theme continued….

On the way home, we spotted (and the little ones were) a doe and two fawns.  A dauphin, perhaps??  🙂  There were a couple other people, walkers, trying to get pictures, so I couldn’t get close enough before the three were on the move.

For those of you wondering whether my foray into the world of pumpkin and sweet potato growing will cost me dearly if the vines stage a nighttime attack on  the house, here are the latest pictures.  So far, I’m safe.  The vine-that’s-leaving-its-home is the pumpkin.  I’ve diverted it from a raid on the driveway (which would lead it toward the house) and directed it towards occupying the second raised bed where, if it grows completely amok, it can vie with the prickly pear for dominance.  (You can see the prickly pear preparing to repel all boarders up in the top right corner.)  Not sure where to place my bets for that conflict.

The Squashinator

The sweet potato plant, doing a bit of moving of its own

Another lovely Saturday morning.

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