Haiku and limericks

Posted: July 31, 2012 in Animals, Just for fun, Nature, Poetry
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I’ve been thinking about “my” cardinal lately (https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2012/07/14/mockingbird/) as I haven’t seen or heard him.  Here are some limericks about him and some haiku about the hummingbird we saw today and about vacation.  

(Even though the second to the last word in the third line looks like “dose” when in italics, it’s really “close.”  But I like the italics.)

There once was a cardinal so red
Who liked to mess with my head.
When I’d sneak close by
He’d look me in the eye
And fly off to a new bush instead.

This next one has a nod to the Scots and the Canadians.

My cardinal’s a rare tricky bird.
The length’s he’ll go to are absurd.
When I’m ready to shoot
He kens what I’m aboot
And is off, making me look a nerd.

I was still playing around with the opening two lines of this and came up with another one.

My cardinal’s a rare tricky bird.
The lengths he goes to are absurd.
His song lures me out
But when I look about
He just can’t be seen, only heard.

Switching poetical gears, here are three haiku to add a more literary note to the proceedings.  🙂  I tried to get a picture of the hummingbird, but his wings moved so quickly that he was only a blur.  I had to attempt to catch him verbally instead.

Hummingbird supping
Green wings beat so quickly that
He appears a blur

        Hummingbird 2
Hummingbird hovers
Drinking a flower smoothie
In our front garden

I dream of silence
In the mountains’ cool evenings
With you by my side
(For my husband, who can’t come with us this year)

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