“Hurry!”  His voice grew more urgent.  “Much longer and it will begin to live again!”

I plunged the knife into the beautiful, silvery body and began to saw.  The hacking blade made a noise like a rusty zipper, juddering through the alligator-like skin.  A putrid stench filled my nostrils.  I reached into the body for the essence of the creature’s life.  Shuddering, I pulled it out and tossed it aside, where it caught on some desiccated grape vines, the quivering viscous globules looking like mutant grubs.

My voice determinedly resolute, I asked, “Do I really have to eat it?”


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  1. Jan Brown says:

    An extremely creative take on the photo prompt!

    • Thanks, Jan. We just made it to Wyoming and have an excruciatingly slow connection, so I’m just starting to read comments and then I’ll try to get to other stories, too.

  2. Nifti says:

    “Yes go ahead, eat… It can’t be that bad!” 🙂

  3. claireful says:

    Loved this, especially ‘quivering viscous globules’. I really want to know why she has to eat it…

    I had grubs in mine too.


    • Thanks, Claire. I’m not positive why she has to eat it, but I think it’s probably similar to the Indians eating the heart of the animals they killed–taking their strength or something.

  4. Sandra says:

    Sounded like a scene from I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here! (if you’re familiar with that programme). Nicely apt take on the prompt but you won’t get me eating it either.

  5. vbholmes says:

    “…the quivering viscous globules looking like mutant grubs.” Excellent description of the image. Definitely requires a strong stomach.

    • Yeah, I didn’t write this around dinner time. I actually wrote it in my head over the course of a ten-hour drive from Naperville to Canistota, South Dakota, then typed it in and worked it up better last night. It was like doing oral history–I kept repeating it in my head until I remembered the main things. I did jot down the “quivering viscous globules” in my notebook, though, (while driving), so I wouldn’t forget it.

  6. LOL. Eew. I wonder if she has to eat it because it’s her maiden kill. You did the photo justice with those “quivering viscious globules”!

    • I think it’s more in line with taking on the strength of the enemy, but the maiden kill idea works, too. Glad you liked the phrase. As I said in my reply to vbholmes, I mentally wrote the whole thing in the car yesterday and wrote that phrase down in my chicken-scratches-while-driving so I wouldn’t forget it. 🙂

  7. dmmacilroy says:

    Dear STea,

    Vivid description coupled with a mystery (why must she partake of its ‘heart’ and what sort of creature is it?) makes for compelling reading. Well done chicken scratching.




  8. Adam Ickes says:

    Reminds me a bit of my own story, yet very, very different.

  9. Mike says:

    A wonderful story.
    It was bad enough imagining the reaching- ‘ into the body for the essence of the creature’s life.’ But then having to eat it!

  10. elmowrites says:

    Once again, my response is ewww! but this time to your story, not just the picture. “Determinedly resolute” felt a bit over-played to me, especially in light of the question which comes after, but the rest of the description is creepingly perfect!
    I’m over at: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/friday-fiction-torment/

  11. Brian Benoit says:

    Very cool job with this, especially that description of the sound of the knife cutting through! I wonder what kind of ritual this is, and what happens when that stuff gets eaten. My only critique would be the one already made about “determinedly resolute,” but that was very small. Loved this!

    Brian (http://pinionpost.com/2012/08/03/the-lifeblood-of-the-paiik-tree/)

    • Thanks for reading and for the critique, Brian, which I understand. She was forcing herself to be resolute and not show anything in her voice when she asked if that was the only way. I wanted to show that she wasn’t whining but was willing to do it IF that was the only way which, of course, it was. It’s always interesting to get reader feedback and see if what I meant by writing was what was understood when read. In this case, I might try for another word or two.

  12. billgncs says:

    just your first helping ( smile )

  13. Carrie says:

    Uhm, ewwwwww! I would NOT eat that 😉

    Great story

  14. Sonia Lal says:

    I sincerely hope not!

  15. Eat up all your dinner or else.
    You eat like a bird.
    You’re always eating my heart out.
    Eat or you’ll have to go to bulimics anonymous.

    …the family couldn’t just leave her alone when it came to her eating preferences.
    The end. Ha.

  16. SAM says:

    This makes me think of fear factor. I like your take on the prompt.

    I’m here this week: http://frommywriteside.wordpress.com/2012/08/03/the-invasion/

  17. rgayer55 says:

    Note to self. Do not invite Janet or Ron over for a potluck. Both stories included eating this stuff.
    I love your descriptions of the vile glob–YUK! Thanks for reading & commenting on mine.

    • :-). Don’t worry. When I go to a potluck, I always bring something delicious (or at least I disguise the yucky stuff.). Thanks for stopping by. I always appreciate it.

  18. Michael Molony says:

    Great story. Had a similar take on he prompt also.

  19. tollykit says:

    Great interpretation of the prompt. I sincerely hope she doesn’t have to eat it.

  20. Oh, that is gruesomely graphic! I am moving my thoughts away from this right now!!! 😉
    Thanks for your comment on ours.

  21. Gross…but, I do like the idea of removing the life force and it being a slimy glob. Have you seen “Spirited Away?” The curse removed from one of the characters is in the form of a black slug…and they had to step on it and squish it to destroy it.