What’s that thing? A guessing game.

Posted: August 16, 2012 in Just for fun, Miscellaneous
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One rule:  no family members or best friends are allowed to participate in this guessing game.  (Bill, that also means no hints in the comment section!!)

Here’s a picture of something that we use on vacation in Wyoming.  All you have to do to participate is guess what it is and how it works.  Don’t try to look it up on the internet or elsewhere; just make your best guess and let’s see what everyone comes up with.  I’ll comment at the end of the day to tell you what we use it for and why it’s so valuable.  In fact, it’s invaluable to a relaxing vacation.  (Hilarious suggestions are always welcome!)

  1. A bug catcher, based on the purple light and the dead bugs on the tray.

  2. It looks to me like what we call a “bug zapper” – the annoying flies and mosquitos and whatever are attracted to a light and then electrocuted. Yours seems to be a sophisticated model with that pan underneath to catch them.

  3. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Yup, it attracts bugs and zaps them! Which in turn allows you to have a swat-free vacation when you are relaxing I would guess.

  4. Kris says:

    I have to agree – bug zapper.

  5. janet says:

    OK, time to spill the truth. It is a bug zapper, but a very specialized one. Although there are various bugs in the Big Horn Mountains, the only ones this catches are miller moths. You can read about miller moths here (http://www.ext.colostate.edu/pubs/insect/05597.html) and if you read down a ways, you’ll read about one of the ways to kill them that uses the same principle as this trip.

    Here’s how it works. You put about an inch of water in the tray with a teaspoon of dish detergent. When plugged in, the light attracts the moths, who get into the water and because the detergent’s broken the surface tension, they can’t get out and die. In the morning, toss them out.

    Millers can hide in cracks basically everywhere. They come out mostly at night, attracted by the light, then get into annoying places such as lamp shades where they fly madly about, bashing into the shade, making noise and driving people nuts. It’s particularly annoying at night, when you’re trying to sleep, the light’s out, and they’re still in there banging away!! One member of our family loathes them, so the zapper’s always good. Since no other lights are on at night, the moths congregate around this one and die. The contraption’s pretty old, but works wonderfully.

    One year, my nephew would catch moths and toss them out where a little bird would swoop down and grab them from the air. You have to take your fun where you can find it! The bird loved it.

    Once I’d posted the picture, I realized there were a few too many clues, but it was fun anyway. Hope you enjoyed it and good guessing, even though no one was totally right, as we’ve never caught any bugs other than moths in this trap.

    • 8teen39 says:

      Oh, man. That’s disgusting. How would you like to die trying to extricate yourself from quicksand rather than being zapped instantly into oblivion? Sure, the zapping noise is irritating. But so are those millions of tiny voices crying “help me, help me…”

      • Stop it!! Moths don’t cry out and if they do, it’s better than hearing our younger daughter go crazy or my best friend yelling. 🙂 I admire your sympathy, but…