Five haiku

Posted: August 21, 2012 in Family, Memories, Musings, Nature, Personal, Poetry, Words
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Sitting on the porch
In a red shirt, drinking tea
Hummingbird zooms close

We walk hand in hand
By the calm lake in moonlight
Ankles scratched by grass

In my heart’s eye you
Are still young, running swiftly
On the rugby pitch

We lie on our backs
Seeing shapes in the clouds
The wind blows gently

Fireflies blinking
Above the lawn in the dark
Childhood memories

  1. You do 5, I can’t even do one :/

    • You can! Just think 5-7-5 syllables and try to get a reference in to nature. Just have fun with them. OK, here’s one for you off the top of my head…

      Black dog lying down
      Looks up with good-natured eyes
      Time to take a walk

      Not fabulous, but so what?!