A plethora of poetry

Posted: August 22, 2012 in Humor, Just for fun, Poetry, Words
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For some reason I seem to have poetry on the brain, so just for fun, here are four different poems types.

     for e.e. cummings

in Just-

i indulged in e.e.cummings

bought his books at borders

read him in aprilandinmay

for english class

mrs will’s


I am filled with love
It moves like fluttering birds
In my beating heart

              A limerick
(For Teddy, based on a true incident)

There once was a Bichon named Ted
Who liked to run under the bed.
When we called her name
She chose to remain
And had to be swept out instead.

          Name poem


  1. Did I ever mention how hugely annoying it is that when I’m doing my posts, I can’t just put in spaces and other formatting and have them show up??? And then when I finally find the “space” symbol in HTML and put it in, the preview shows it correctly but when I got back to edit anything, “it” takes out all the spacing again??? I worked for over half an hour trying to get the spaces correct on the first poem and then when I published it, they were gone, so I had to go in again at least a couple times. Why can’t it just format the way I put it in??

    Did I ever mention how annoying that is???

  2. Robin Atkins says:

    Never heard of a “name poem” before, but like yours a lot. Will have to give it a try.