There’s a family at our farmer’s market who sells pork, beef and chicken, without hormones or antibiotics, sausages and other products with no MSG or nitrates, eggs with dark yellow yolks that stand up when you cook them and, lately, breakfast sandwiches at the market, all of which taste amazing.  But their story is even more interesting.  They have seven children, six of whom are adopted.  They started with  a small farm (a cow, a pig and some chickens) to help reach foster and adoptive children and somehow along the way, ended up with a full-blown family and farm.  This is New Creation Farm, (, a wonderful place for children to grow up, be loved, and learn to work.

Every year, New Creation hosts a pig roast for all their customers.  This year, Megan and I decided to go, even though we couldn’t stay for the meal.  Here are some shots of the farm for you to enjoy.  Unfortunately, the Scottish Highland Cattle weren’t near the farm that day, so I borrowed the picture from New Creation’s web site.  Come down on the farm with me for a few minutes.

One of the dogs that guard the chickens

A few of the piglets

One of their daughters and one of the rat terriers that keeps the barns rat-free

Cooking the lunch pig

The barn

Free-range chickens!

Are these cattle cute or what?

What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this, that or the other thing.

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