Earth laughs in flowers….Henry David Thoreau

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Miscellaneous, Nature, Photos
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I went to Trader Joe’s today, located in an upscale mall not far from our house. The landscaping at the mall is always lovely but today it was particularly outstanding, with spectacular flower, leaf and plant colors everywhere.  And it wasn’t just the colors.  The fragrance of the sweet alyssum was astonishing.  Fortunately, I had my iPad in my purse, so I wandered around for some time taking pictures, shopping forgotten, encountering a number of others enjoying the display.  Fall is certainly going out with a bang here!!

I hope the pictures of these flowers bring joy to your heart and start your weekend off with beauty.  And I how I wish I had these landscapers!!








  1. Awww this is much better than a flamingo – I swear!!!

  2. Great flowers, and that frog planter in #5 is so grotesque it’s adorable!

    • Isn’t it? I made me laugh and the colors are so vibrant. The flowers are amazing. I think the next sunny day, I may just go back and hang out there for a bit, take some tea and get some more pictures just for me.

  3. Thanks for the visual feast. It was delicious!
    ~ Wendy

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