Rocky Mountain Reminiscences

Posted: October 9, 2012 in Nature, Personal, Poetry
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I wish I were in Boulder
on top of Lookout Mountain at night
      with the city spread out below
      and Denver in the distance,
      stoplights changing,
      headlights moving,
      but no noise…
      as if it were a gigantic toy
             running silently.
The cold, crisp air surrounding me
    canopying numberless stars
    the strong, solid mountains;
a cocoon of silence battening me from shocks
and an occasional plane silently twinkling its lights
    as it passes by
    on a mysterious journey from one someplace
                                                     to another.

–My poetry from the 70’s
(Sorry the background is so dark, but my HTML/Wordpress skills/knowledge aren’t sufficient to know how to change it. I was doing well to finally figure out how to keep the formatting of my poem.  Hopefully, changing the font color helps make it more readable.) 🙂

  1. billgncs says:

    I like seeing your poetry side

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