A Beau-dacious picture

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Dogs, Family, Humor, Just for fun, Photos
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My brother and his family have a dachshund named Beau, who loves to run madly ’round and ’round their living room, eventually stopping and flopping to the floor on his side.  He doesn’t have very far to flop!  But his best and most amusing trick, although I doubt he thinks of it as a trick, is to jump up on their couch, wriggle his way in between the back cushions and fall asleep.  We are definitely amused!  🙂

  1. he looks like the cutest “hot dog” ever :o)

  2. That’s too cute for a Monday morning.

  3. So cute! But does anybody ever lean back against the couch before they realize he’s in there? 😉

  4. vbholmes says:

    Now that’s the meaning of cozy.

  5. That is so cute!!! It looks very comfortable! 🙂

  6. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Thank you for my morning laugh!

    • sustainabilitea says:

      The first time I saw this I was there and I laughed so hard I almost fell off my couch.

  7. anninfaith says:

    LOL ~ would LOVE to see ‘Beau’ in action! Thanks for the delightful descriptions of his antics!