After college, I moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado to experience the life of, if not true ski bum, at least someone who lived, worked and skied in a ski resort.  I’d always wanted to live in the mountains and this was my chance.

But my first year was rather atypical, at least in terms of snowfall.  By Sunday, December 19, 1976, when ski season is usually in full schuss, complete with the famous champagne powder of Steamboat, there was only limited snow, with many resorts either not open or with only a few runs open.  In ski resorts, to paraphrase, snow is money, and lack of snow translates into no money and people going out of business.

But what does the New York Times have to do with all this and how did I end up on the front page (below the fold)?

All the businesses in Steamboat gave their employees one day off to go out to the slopes and shovel snow…from the trees and surrounding areas onto the ski runs.  It didn’t make much difference, but it was good publicity, gave us lots of exercise and fresh air, and made people feel like the resort was trying to do something that really only God could fix.  Not long after, I got this front page in the mail from my great-aunt, who lived in Summit, New Jersey and got the New York Times.  She had marked a picture at the bottom of the page and asked if that wasn’t her beloved great-niece and sure enough, it was.  There I was in all my overheated glory, shoveling snow, along with a whole line of other people spending a day off in like manner.  The shoveling may not have helped the skiing much, but it did give me something many people never get–my picture on the front page of the New York Times.

  1. billgncs says:

    pretty girls sell!

  2. tedstrutz says:

    Wow… Ab Fab!!! I loved this post.

  3. Paul says:

    I never got my name in the papers. But I do share my name with an actor from the 50’s and a weatherman in the east somewhere and whenever I see their names I get a thrill. I can’t imagine what I’d have been like if it was MY photo in The Times. I probably would have ordered several copies and kept them in pristine shape all these years. And framed on the wall.

  4. Shannon says:

    You are one fun lady! 🙂 Liz and I never made it out to become ski bums although, we did consider it!

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