Our daughter the rock star

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Family, Humor, Just for fun, Memories
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Every so often one of us recalls a story, usually funny, from those long ago days when the girls were little.  Tonight, as we sated our hunger at Noodles and Co., our older daughter recollected with laughter one night she and I were taking the babysitter home.  From the back where she was strapped in her car seat, our daughter suddenly piped up in a pleased tone, “Look, Mom, I have a rock in my nozzle,”  sounding for all the world as if we should congratulate her on this accomplishment!  I quickly pulled the van to the side, twisted in my seat and, sure enough, there was a small rock in her nose.

Remaining calm and trying not think which hospital was closest if she inhaled the rock, I told her to press the opposite nostril closed, then instructed, “Now breathe in through your mouth and blow out as hard as you can through your nose.”  She did and out popped the rock.  Phew!!  Disaster averted.  We went on to drop the babysitter at her house and, since nothing bad happened, another humorous story was added to our bank of reminiscences, to be pulled out once again tonight and enjoyed.


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