When selling a house, it’s important to get a good realtor so I turned to a former neighbor, owner of a number of rental properties as well as his own house, for a recommendation.  After talking on the phone, the realtor came by to look at our house and tell me what things needed to be done before putting it on the market.  In addition to the obvious (much less clutter, painting, and so on), he stopped in our front hall, looked at the magnificent set of horns on our wall and said, “You’ll want to remove those because some people who are animal lovers might not like them and might not feel good about the house because of it.”

Wow!  I would never in a million years have thought of that.  Most people who come to our house admire the horns and the overall western flair of our eclectic furnishings.  Far be it from me to do anything that might endanger the sale of the house, especially in this economy, so when the time comes, I’ll take them down, haul them to the attic and hide them somewhere out of sight or take them to our rental house.  My personal reaction is “Get a life!!” but a sale’s a sale.

Evidently those people wouldn’t be bothered by the Indians hunting buffalo in the Frank McCarthy print directly below the horns.  But then, they’re natives and natives are cool.  However, the realtor did miss the pistol and the replica dueling pistol on our mantel which, I imagine, might well offend the same people.  I quietly packed them up (the guns, not the people) a few days later.  Both horns and guns will definitely show up again once we’ve moved.

  1. I keep hearing that it’s important to “stage” your house if you want to have any chance of selling it – unfortunately, “staging” seems to mean “remove all hints of your personal taste so that your home looks like something out of a decorating magazine”. Gah. Keep the print up!

    • The print is staying up, the horns are coming down. Of course the other thing that always looks unnatural is that the house will always be neat and clean for a viewing, necessarily its normal state. 🙂

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