He’s a rebel (and I’m not horsing around.)

Posted: October 27, 2012 in Animals, Family, Memories, Personal
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Before there were dogs, there were horses.  Not in the order of animals in creation but the order of animal loves in my life.  When I was growing up, I longed to have a horse.  But we lived in the city of Omaha and not only did we have no place for a horse, we didn’t have the money to board one.  So I had a horse, many horses, vicariously through books.  I knew where every story about horses was in the library–not just the general area, but the actual shelf and part of the shelf.  I read the Cowboy Sam books, the Black Stallion books, every horse book I could get my hands and eyes on.  Even now, I love the Dick Francis books and, now that he’s died, the books written by his son, Felix, which are, thankfully, just as good and even sound the same.

I have to digress just slightly at this point.  Dick Francis was a famous jockey in England and lead a fascinating life.  His wife, Mary, collaborated with him on many of his books, a fact that didn’t really come out until after her death.  When I was doing personal training, one of my clients knew people who knew Dick Francis and they said that he was a great guy, but  that anyone who knew him, knew he wasn’t writing the novels on his own.

When I finally got to ride, it felt as though I’d always ridden and I always say I learned to ride  just by reading and the mental practice that gave me.  (Mental practice is legitimate…I used to have my volleyball team do some practice that way.  The neural paths actually respond as if actual practice is occurring.)  However it happened, I’ve always been able to ride and always loved it.

Our girls were lucky.  They’ve been riding almost since birth since we go to Wyoming each summer.  They also took lessons at one time.  When very young, they were at home on horseback.  We have endless video of them riding in the corral, reining the horses masterfully.

Our younger daughter loved Rebel, a grey part-Arab gelding.  She looked like a midget on his back, but told her dad that he didn’t have to lead Rebel, she could do it herself.  And she did.  Unfortunately, Rebel didn’t last long.  In the winter, the horses are turned out to run free on someone’s large ranch and in the spring, he wasn’t there.  We don’t know if he was killed by a predator of some sort, had an accident and died, or was stolen.  But we, and especially our younger daughter, still miss his beauty and gentle nature.

  1. billgncs says:

    he was a good horse, always wondered what happened to him.

  2. I’m also completely nuts about horses. Spent my early years begging my poor parents for one. I could not understand the big issue, as we lived right next to a sports field which I felt would be perfect for the horse. Of course, given any opportunity, I’d have tried to let it sleep in my bed 😀
    So sad to hear about Rebel. Really hard when you don’t know what happened.
    Thanks for popping over to my site. I’m really glad you did, as it meant that I have no found you!

    • Horses definitely aren’t as easy to keep as dogs, if nothing else because of their size. It would be even more crowded in your bed with a horse than a ridgeback, although maybe not too much depending on the size of each. 🙂

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