Now you see me…if you look carefully.

Posted: October 31, 2012 in Animals, Just for fun, Nature, Photos
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Part of the reason it’s difficult to see these guys (or girls–who knows?), is that I had to take the pictures from a bit away from the window so as not to frighten them off.  One day the dogwood featured in the first two pictures was alive with birds but maybe because my iPad is larger than a camera, every time I got close to the window and had to move it even slightly for a better picture, the birds flew off.  The only picture I got was the second one.  As for the first, I’m constantly amazed where I see these little devils  critters.  I’d really prefer never to see them in my yard, but that doesn’t appear to be an option.

  1. That looks like an amazing bird. Very beautiful. When I had my farm, I desperately tried to get photographs of the amazing bird life. Sometimes I managed but I also landed up with thousands of pics of sticks, grass and other arbitrary things 😀

  2. Oh yes, squirrels (Photo 1). We used to have a bird feeder – it’s amazing what contortionists the squirrels were to reach the seeds. I’m not sure there is a way to keep them out. Oh well, they’re entertaining to watch too. They always seem to have a wonderful time being squirrels, don’t they?

    • Too true, but this rascal is a chipmunk. The only way we were ever able to stop the squirrels was to have a baffle on the pole where we hung the feeders and even then, they would periodically try to get up. Just testing, I guess. Glad to see you have power. Any damage for you? We’ll be in Philly Friday evening (staying in Cherry Hill again.).

      • Basically life’s back to normal here. We didn’t have any significant damage – just some branches down, and they look as if they would have come down whenever we had a big storm. I understand some people around here still don’t have electricity – Cherry Hill schools were closed again today because a couple of elementary schools didn’t have power – and a few residential streets were still closed this morning, but nothing you’re really likely to run into.