On the mother-daughter trip back to Kalamazoo, our older daughter and I took a short break at Grandpa’s Cider Mill, http://www.grandpascidermill.com/ in Colomo, Michigan.  It was the perfect fall day, warm and sunny, trees baring themselves as leaves carpeted the ground.   The apple trees were empty, stacks of crates nearby, the indoor cider mill silent.  We walked briefly in the dinosaur park (what’s that all about?), cruised the store, then bought a couple of pumpkin doughnuts tasting of autumn to enjoy in the sunshine before resuming our trip and talking time.

Half of the welcome committee

The bear-ter half

Take home your own dinosaur

There used to be one of these horses at every grocery store. I should know. I rode every one of them.

  1. I love that merrygoround horse – just think what a carousel full of them must have looked like!

  2. Mom loved this horses and drove my granny in madness for riding it again&again… thanks this envokes precious moments :o)

  3. pumpkin donuts…tears to my eyes.

  4. I loved your photos – fabulous & fun!
    Blessings ~ Wendy

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