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Posted: November 25, 2012 in Memories, Personal, Poetry
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Another bit of poetry from days gone by…

It was easy
         for a time,
 caring only that we were happy
 and rejoicing in our freedom.
 Until time ran swiftly past us
       compressing itself into a small period,
       leaving an abyss of emotion wide to catch us
 And I,
      though not as good at swimming,
      looked deeply and plunged in
      and I was warm and happy.
 But you,
      perhaps sparing not a glance,
      refused the plunge
      or maybe said you could not swim.
 Emerging on the other side,
      I found myself alone
      the warm sun grown cold.
 I saw you on the shore
      resolutely making your way back,
      not believing when I cried that it was not
      at all the way it looked.
 You said you had no need;
 Where you stood now was good enough.

I would have had you try
      even if the current had swept you far downstream
      and fetched you up upon another shore.
 Still, you would have tried
      and the sun would still be warm.
  1. Ah, those who will not give effort often lose the greatest treasures.

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