“Wanted:  Dead or Alive” was a TV series starring Steve McQueen and might be a bit further back than many of you remember.  My series is made up of some miscellaneous photos from our time in Cape May Point, New Jersey.  On the drive back tonight, slowing too often for too many miles to a crawl, I realized that we’ve not gone farther for Thanksgiving than an hour away for many, many years.  Obviously that’s not true for the thousands of people was saw driving home tonight.  Quite a contrast to the quiet of the Jersey shore!!

This horseshoe crab collected some freeloaders before ending up on the shore.  He now has a new home with us (at least this part that’s left of him/her.)

One morning there were a wealth of whelk shells on the shore.  Must have been having a special that day.

I love pampas grass!!

There were still beautiful flowers blooming in some yards.

This guy was hanging around on the fence one afternoon, although I don’t think he was either praying or preying.

I’m going to miss my daily walks on the beach and the time to be close to nature and to decompress.  But I have many pictures to enjoy and to remind us of the wonderful time we had and all the things for which we are thankful.  You might even see more of them.  🙂

  1. You’re very observant! I always enjoy seeing all the different bits and pieces of nature you notice and photograph.

  2. Robin in New Jersey says:

    Beautiful photos, Janet! Sounds like your vacation was lovely.

    Ah, yes, the Jersey crawl on the major highways. Been there, done that! That’s what I dislike about coming home from vacations in Jersey. You go away for some rest and relaxation and then you have to face the packed roadways to get home.

    • Robin, New Jersey was fine, but Pennsylvania was hell. However, we survived and even though I forgot to turn off my alarm this morning and was awakened when I could have actually slept in for a change, it’s fine. Back into the fray today. 🙂

  3. Susan Keene says:

    Nice way to start my morning. We were in Oklahoma. So different, yet all the traffic. It was bumper to bumper.

    • I’m glad I could get your morning off to a good start, Susan. Traffic is traffic, no matter where it is. And to make matters worse, there are just enough drivers driving too fast and too recklessly. It only takes one small mistake to have a multi-car accident in that situation. I hope you had a great time in Oklahoma.

  4. I enjoyed the photographs!
    Well done!

  5. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing them 🙂

  6. Sheila says:

    I love the freeloaders on the horseshoe crab! It’s almost as if they established a town there. We always get to do the slow crawl across MA for Thanksgiving but it’s always nice to come back home. I’m glad your slow crawl was worth it!

  7. Love the photos, sorry you had to fight so much traffic. Seems we have more cars than housing anymore.

    • The trip was worth it but having not been out on the Sunday after Thanksgiving (at least to drive this far), I was astounded at the traffic. So many people that it clogs up a highway with two lanes each way is mind-boggling.

      • yes it is\, we lived for the last 22 years in a very rural area where we weee lucky to get 7-10 cars aday then moving back to the city has been a shock. and I can’t let my husband drive anymore had to sell his truck its been gone a couple of months and he told me sunday it had a flat and he needed me to take him to get it fixed. anyway the traffric definitely makes me nervous!

  8. nice shots…
    Steve McQueen if I remember correctly for Wanted: Dead or Alive with a rolling block rifle (was it somewhat similar to The Rifleman’s)

    I liked the praying, preying or unpraying, vegetarian mantle, Mickey.


  9. the great escape …. steve mcqueen again, I think.

    How was work?

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