Our last night in Cape May Point, our whole group headed for Sunset Beach before dinner to (what else?), watch the sunset.  🙂  To say conditions were less than ideal would be an understatement.  A large cloud bank made us wonder whether we’d even see a sunset, the temperature had dropped precipitously from prior days and, worst of all, the wind was whipping the waves into a frenzy and driving the sand into millions of tiny sandblasters. 

I shoved the van door open, wishing (only momentarily) that I had more weight to bring to the task.  The downside of using an iPad for shooting became evident quickly.  The size of the screen meant it caught more wind than a camera would have, forcing me fight to hold it steady.  I had to delete a number of photos that were fuzzy.  The screen doesn’t respond well to gloved hands so the blood in my bare hands was slowly congealing while the wind was insinuating itself into every clothing crack.  After an initial round of pictures, I fought my way back to the van to warm up but then another beautiful look presented itself, luring me back out.  This went on for quite some time.  The waves were huge, pounding the shore and spraying high into the air, but almost impossible to get on camera.  However, I did get some rather good sunset pictures.  This is one of them.  Isn’t there a part of you that expects the alien ship to come down that shaft of red light or, alternatively, to suck everything below up into it before taking off for its own planet or some end-of-the-world scenario brought about by a cosmic explosion?  It didn’t happen…or did it?


  1. Yes, right out of “Independence Day”.

  2. That photo does have a sort of end of the world look about it! You could take the waves as sheets of barren lava and the distant sunset as a huge explosion (or an alien invasion, or something else appropriately sinister). Good shot, and I hope your hands have thawed by now 😉

  3. That’s a fantastic photo and even more so, knowing what you went through to get it. I agree, it does look like some alien ship decent type thing. How cool is that!

  4. Wow.
    That’s some tea you be drinkin’.
    Like dropping acid does wonderful things to the sky.
    Like Cheech on the Beach, Chong.
    You best not be travelin’, because you be trippin’
    Chica, it’s like nuclear, it’s the bomb…
    Too cool,