To see clips of the original landshark…

Land Shark
Get More: Land Shark

  1. That is very clever! Love it.

  2. billgncs says:

    it does look like a shark

  3. I saw:

    • lips,
    • a vagina (but that’s always me, I always see vaginas)
    • a little poor baby mouse struggling to carry the world on its back across the sandy stretch of the world
    • a huge broken stupid shell on a beach that someone took a picture of and missed the right side of the tip of the shell which is the absolutely the best part,
    • and I see a plumber, a candy gram, and a dolphin but no frigign’ land shark

    What the hell is a land shark anyway? That’s stooped, too. A land shark. There isn’t anything like a land shark. Now go answer your door. There’s someone there.

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