We’re fortunate here in Cleveland to have an almost year-round winter market.  There’s a short break at Christmas and between the end of the indoor winter market and the resumption of the outdoor venue.  In the middle of December, it’s a joy to see so much produce still available as well as meat, pasta, French pastries and more.  Come and join me in a few colorful, hunger-inducing pictures from my weekly Saturday morning market foray.









  1. Fabulous winter goodies on offer. You are indeed lucky.

  2. Beautiful. Maybe some future photo prompts? 😉

  3. The fresh past looks really good.

  4. Mmm, very nice – especially since I haven’t had lunch yet! Are those different-colored beets in the fith (I think) photo – the one just before the pasta?

    • Yes. Just got into to Philly and have to rush out again but I’ll respond to everyone later when I’m at the motel. Can’t wait to meet tomorrow, Sharon.

      • Take your time. Veg a little before you respond.

      • Just had dinner with Megan and will head for the motel in about an hour. Then up early tomorrow to get together in the morning, meet Sharon and Randy at noon, then head back about 4:30 or 5. Won’t be as much fun driving back since it will be dark the entire way, but that’s how it works.

        Glad you liked the market pictures. I’m sure they resonated with you. 🙂

      • Who isi Sharon and Randy (especially Randy – nice name); and drive carefully tomorrow. – don’t rush –

        as I text my drivers: “Drive safely – your family is depending on it!”


      • I’m meeting fellow Fictioneers Rich (not Randy…I was talking to Randy) and Sharon (newpillowbook), at a downtown Philly Starbucks at noon tomorrow. As for the rest, I will definitely drive safely!! I’m sure pictures will follow at some point!!

      • Enjoy your meeting….

  5. A great visit to something delicious.

  6. Everything looks nice and fresh.