The devil’s in the details

Posted: December 19, 2012 in Art, Miscellaneous, Photos
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  1. dmmacilroy says:

    Where? Whose?

    Beautiful details.



  2. Stunning pictures, Janet. I love the woodwork and stained glass.

    • This old building (and so many others) have details that you don’t see now, partly because of cost, I suppose, but partly because they’re not “modern.” Our house in Cleveland, built in the 30’s, has marvelous details, too, although not quite like these. I love when these beautiful old buildings are taken care of and kept in use, although with everyone on cells phones and laptops, maybe not that many people notice. :-/

  3. Beautiful! We must have both been on a “notice Victorian architecture” kick on Monday – I’ll be posting some photos I took later today or tomorrow. What a shame that we can’t afford or don’t bother with these frills any more.

    • It really is, Sharon. But all is not lost! Look at any of the “Not So Big House” books by Sarah Susanka for homes that are being built with fabulous details but in liveable spaces. I dream over her books.

  4. Just read a short horror novel entitled “The Devil’s in the Details”. No real comparison, but I almost skipped this post because I thought I had already seen it.

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