The dog days of Christmas

Posted: December 21, 2012 in Animals, Dogs, Family, Memories, Photos
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Our first Christmas season with a dog, we were just starting to foster Janie.  One of the first days she was at our house, while trying to get to the window to bark at a dog outside, she vaulted up onto a sideboard filled with Christmas decorations while only our older daughter was at home.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t home or there wouldn’t have been enough Christmas love to overcome that!  🙂  She had personality and energy plus, was incredibly athletic,  and we loved her dearly.   She’s in a forever home now with her very own family.

Picture of Janie

Last night we visited the current foster home of our second long-term foster dog, Annabelle.  You can find her stories, as well as those of Janie and Bernie, under the “dog” category on my page (along other stories of fostering pit bulls.)  Annabelle came from a dog fighting ring and was transported here from the south.  No fighter she; just another lover.  No forever home yet, but we hope it won’t be long.


Annabelle’s friend at her foster home is Manny.  (Romeo is fostering there, too, but he’s so hyper and moves around so fast, that I couldn’t get a decent picture of him!!)  Manny is a bit of a chunk but a real sweetheart.  Here’s Manny (looking rather demented), Megan, and Annabelle resting.


And last but not least, the seasonal shot.


Right now, for various reasons, we’re not able to have a dog.   In the meantime, we remember our dogs of Christmas past, (as well as the great rescue from which we got them:  For the Love of Pits, with love, and hope someday to have a pit bull of our own.

Have a dog-gone good Christmas, whether or not you have pets.

  1. billgncs says:

    love the outfits — it’s a dog’s life

  2. That was a very nice post…have a wonderful Christmas !!! ;o)

  3. Abraham says:

    The dog sweater. Are they sold or was it home-knit?