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Posted: January 2, 2013 in Musings, Personal
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This morning while walking around the lake, I was thinking about the characteristics of real men, thoughts stemming from an article Bill read to me this morning about the epidemic of rapes in India,, containing horrific statistics and stories.

Therefore, the first two on my admittedly both unfinished and personal list are these:

Real men don’t commit rape.
Real men stand against rape.

I’ll preface the rest of the list by saying that not only is the list personal and unfinished, it is, as is so much else in the world, not necessarily correct 100% of the time, and may also apply to real women.  Feel free to add to the list, disagree or discuss, all in a way a real man/women would do–respectfully and without bad language.  I believe our society is emasculating men more each day.  I call on real men to fight back and for real women to expect men to be real and look for real men.

Real men respect women and show them respect.

Real men do hold doors open for women and, if a door is held open for them, go through it and say, “Thanks.”

Real men don’t need to drink, use foul language or get in fights to prove their masculinity.  Real men have good manners; not prissy manners, but good manners.

Real men take pride in their work, no matter what it is, and want to work.

Real men are kind as well as strong and know the two can go together.

Real men realize men and women are different and love and appreciate that difference.  Real men also realize that differences don’t preclude equality when it’s appropriate.

Real men realize that money isn’t the most important thing in the world.

Real men stand up for the weak and for what’s right.

Real men know that loving is not being weak.

Real men aren’t perfect and don’t expect others to be perfect.

That’s my list for now.  I’m sure I had more ideas but they might have frozen in my brain during the walk in the frigid air.  But this is a good start.

What say you?

  1. Men who rape women are insecure little boys, they are not in it for sex they do it for the power it makes them feel. I agree with your list 100%

  2. I dated a woman once and opened her door to the car for her. Her reaction was, “I can open my own damn door.” My response was, “and, you will.”
    Should’ve never been a date after that…I am much more of a real man now…
    “Real men, think”

  3. Real men hold doors open for everyone (women) and, if a door is held open in return, says, “Thanks.” Real men and real people say, Thank you.”

    Real men stand up for the weak and for what’s right. Real men know that they are weak. too.
    Real men amends for what’s gone wrong.
    Real men know that loving and asking to be loved is not a weakness.
    Real men cry for the ills of the world.
    Real men are likel women and vice versa; we are all just people doing the best we can.

    Dick Gregory supposedly wrote that even If you walked naked, it’s not an invitation to rape you.
    And somone else wrote that if you look stupid, it’s not an invitation to shoot you

    Real men think.
    Real men wear pink and purple and even lavender
    Real women think
    Real women build doors, run for poilitics, become judges, and change the world.

  4. Reminds me of a discussion I had with my ten-year-old recently. He’d just discovered Gangnam Style and was singing, “Hey, sexy lady!” I told him that until he is in a position to put a ring on a finger, he has no business calling anyone a sexy lady. So I think I’d add, “Real men commit themselves to a woman before accepting – or even asking for – a gift they can’t send back.”