Have you got the tea in you?

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Food, Just for fun, Photos, Tea time
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If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.
Japanese Proverb

If this is true, I should be well on my way to understanding a great deal of truth and beauty at this moment! And today I had my tea in a brand new cup, purchased only yesterday at a local antique store. I collect tea cups in a very desultory way, always on the lookout for the perfect one that speaks to me. This one, being from Germany, spoke in German and said, “Achtung!! Ich bin sehr schön.” I agreed and we left the store together.


Ready for business (or pleasure).


With tea, there must always be as Pooh says, “a little something.” Today’s something was a Japanese treat from Mitsuwa–green tea daifuku. Did I hear you say, “Die what?? What could possibly be created from that list of ingredients that would taste good?”


Trust me, the Japanese can create deliciousness from them. These little babies are some of the best things ever. Not too sweet, with a bean paste filling…as Goldilocks would say, “Just right.” Never eaten anything with bean paste filling? Hasten to an oriental store and do so as soon as possible. I took some green tea daifuku to the farmers market when I was still working there, gave some to several co-workers and enjoyed their expressions before (dubious) and after (amazed). Pictures would have been great.



The sun streamed in the windows, my book was good, the tea soothing and my new cup had the shape that, if I held it correctly, felt as though I was drinking a mar-tea-ni. Bliss!

  1. Beautiful tea cup. But then it told you that already, didn’t it? I’m a coffee person myself in the morning but love a cup of Jasmine or Chamomile.

    • Stop by sometime for a cup of Jasmine Pearls. I love having the aroma of the jasmine as well as the taste of the tea. I love the smell of coffee but not the taste.

  2. If man has no tea in him, he is incapable of understanding truth and beauty.
    – Japanese Proverb

    If man has tea in him, he is capable of understanding the truth and beauty of knowing where the nearest rest room is.
    -older Japanese Proverb

  3. Wonderful that it does all that for you!
    If I may, just because I read too much, please watch from where your tea cups are from. I read about a poor woman who bought a coffee cup from a place in which lead was allowed and/or the screening process for porcelain was not done well and she got lead poisoning.
    Just worrying a little, so I will tell you.

  4. What an interesting shape that cup is – you’re right it does look like a martini glass. I like the way the color of the cup agree(n)s with the bean buns.

  5. Joyce says:

    Another thing we have in common besides Friday Fictioneers, and faith. You like antiques, tea and German dishes, etc. etc. 🙂 you are not alone. Another passion of mine. I (and my husband) love and collect antiques and collectibles. I love hot tea (English Grey and Chai are my favorites) and drink it by the cup and potfuls daily. And I love anything German (dishes, antiques, clocks, etc. etc.)

    • I drink lots of tea each day and probably have 30 kinds of tea. Have you ever tried any flowering teas? They’re so lovely to see as well as to drink. Bill got me a glass teapot so I could appreciate them more than if I made them in a Corning measuring cup! 🙂

      • Joyce says:

        I think I have had a few of those. My youngest daughter loves hot tea too and I have tried some of hers. Some of them like Camille and others I am not suppose to drink because I am on ‘blood thinners’ meds. I take Warffarin (Coumadin) do to blood clots I had many years ago and now have to stay on it for the rest of my life my doctors said, and some of the teas create a counter attach to the blood thinner medications. This Tues. I am having the first of two cataract surgeries done and will have to stay off the computer and rest my eyes for a few days after each surgery, so will not be working on my stories or do any Friday Fictioneers stories for 2-3 weeks, so have fun with them. I’ll catch up later, maybe.

      • Joyce, I pray your surgeries go well. I know it’s not the end of the world to miss Friday Fictioneers, but it would feel a bit like it. It’s addictive!! Heal quickly!

      • Joyce says:

        Thank you, Janet. I will. The computer and creative writing in general is what is addictive to me, and would like to have more time to write on other writing projects as well, but will give my eyes the needed time to heal and take a short break. 🙂

  6. Aw, this hurt a little… In my late teens, I started a teacup collection, but now I have no idea where any of them are! I think I got rid of some of them in one of our moves, but I could have sworn I kept the most meaningful and most beautiful of my teacups. Alas, I could find NONE when I looked recently! Hold on to that teacup, lest it disappear like mine have! 🙂