The art of giving

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Art, Family, Gifts
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Our Christmas gifts from our daughter at art school.

The picture of our kitchen on the left is pen and ink.  The one on the right is a collage.


An artist’s proof, etching with Chine-collé….


  1. Joyce says:

    Very interesting pieces. I especially like the sketch on the upper left. How old is she? I loved art when I was in grade school and while in the upper grades, but didn’t get to go further into some classes and training like I had wished to do. But, between the art (I doodled and sketched too some) and the fictional stories I wrote in school I was crazy for not going on to school and getting formal instruction in both. The compliments I got from school teachers and my principal always encouraged me on to pursue it but never made it on to college so worked full time to help finance my husband in college. Hope your daughter continues on with it.

    • She’s in art school in Philadelphia, Joyce, at PAFA, in her first year.

      • Joyce says:

        That is great. I hope she will enjoy it all and every year in school. Oh, and that German tea cup is beautiful on the last post.

      • A lot of teacups are too flowery for me, but I love this one. There was also a dessert-sized plate that the woman threw in at no additional cost, so I got the cup, saucer and plate. Megan got me a beautiful German tea set that, if you search though my “Tea Time” posts, you should be able to see. The cups are really small, though.

  2. Robin in New Jersey says:


  3. That’s very good. I like this kitchen collage very much ;o)

  4. Beautiful pictures and it is so wonderful when a child feels she can give of herself and take the time to do so very well.

    • She’s so busy with art school that she doesn’t have time to get a paying job, but if these are the types of gifts she can give, who cares?? Of course, I paid for the matting and framing, which isn’t cheap.

  5. I wish I could create art like this! I’m too grounded in the literal, I guess. That’s why I prefer photography over drawing, etc; it’s much more reality-based. I’m awed by anyone with the creativity to go beyond that though.

  6. Abraham says:

    Wow! I like the collage!