Not nuts…but maybe a bit squirrely.

Posted: January 19, 2013 in Animals, Just for fun, Miscellaneous, Nature, Photos
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Glancing out the window a few days ago, I saw a squirrel who had hit the fast food jackpot.   He (she? How can you tell anyway?) grabbed a whole piece of bread that somehow ended up in our backyard, hustled over to the branch of the bush that was pushed down by the snow and began cramming the bread rapidly into his/her mouth. No time to waste!  Wish I’d thought to switch to video.  Guess I was just a little nuts.  🙂





  1. Nature at its best! Glad you got these shots, we have grays and browns here and we are surrounded by oak trees …therefore we are constantly entertained.

  2. Squirrels around here don’t hibernate! They’re out and about all year – maybe easier to see in winter with no leaves to hide them. Cute sequence of pictures 🙂

  3. rich says:

    the fence at the back of my yard is covered with ivy, as is the ground for a few feet leading up to the fence. when i have food scraps, i usually toss them into the ivy, where they disappear. my hope is that there are squirrels and other critters benefiting from the food.

    • I’m pretty sure there are. Just hope they aren’t skunks or raccoons. The woman next door kept leaving her garbage cans outside and uncovered until I spotted a raccoon one night that had been knocking the can over, feasting and making a mess. They can be amazingly destructive.

      I toss out dry bread crumbs under our bushes sometimes for the birds. Once they recover from the shock and fly back, they love it.

      • rich says:

        i’ve been here since august but have not seen nor smelled a skunk yet. no raccoons either, that i know of, and i’m surprised because i’m 2 blocks from train tracks, and those critters are often found near tracks and the woods surrounding the tracks. plenty of rabbits though. my previous house backed up to a farm, and the deer and turkey were everywhere. occasional skunks too.

  4. The are strange little creatures!

    • They are also amazingly agile and persistent. When we first started feeding birds, it was an on-going war against the squirrels until we finally bought a pole with a baffle. Still, they’d periodically try anyway.