Everybody’s watching season 3 of Downton Abbey and what an enormous house that it!!  I know they had servants (and lots of them) but houses that size (or even half that size) always make me shudder when I think of the cleaning involved!

We don’t have Downton Abbey, but about a week ago, I posted pictures of a stone cottage on the former Blossom Estate near our house in Ohio, https://sustainabilitea.wordpress.com/2013/01/15/better-joy-in-a-cottage-than-sorrow-in-a-palace/.  Although the estate is mostly an upscale shopping area now, here’s a bit more left of the original estate, the buildings being used for various things.  There’s also an old greenhouse and a fabulous stone wall.  They look the way I think the out-buildings of Downton Abbey might have looked.

I think there’s something both special and homey about stone houses, at least on this scale.  I hope you enjoy this second look at a slice of life from the past.  Just imagine what the big house must have been like!!  Maybe not as large as Downton Abbey, but rather spectacular all the same.photo(388)

I could use three or four garages, maybe not for cars, but for storage.


Yeah, this is just like my garage(s).  🙂


You can see the greenhouse in the back right as well as just a bit of the wall.


Where would you live?  In the first house or this one?


  1. rich says:

    what do you think the pile of bricks is for?

  2. I like both – I’m a fan of old houses – but both are looking like a lot of DIY-projects ;o)

    • I think they’re using both for offices or something and I think they’re in pretty good shape. Not sure what they’ve have planned for the bricks. I, too, love old houses. The house we’re going to be putting on the market 😦 was built in the 30’s with lots of detail and art deco touches. The house we’ll be living in is nice and new but lacks all those special touches. It isn’t made nearly as well, either.

      • old houses have real character and they can tell stories – we live in a house built in 1905 – we love it – but sadly it’s an endless work and sometimes we wish we had bought a new one – maybe the typical yin&yang – thingy ;o)

  3. Sometimes I daydream about living in a house with some individual quirkiness…ah well, sometimes I daydream about being thin and tall, too. And if I were, I’d just go around banging my head on things. Those are beautiful buildings, though, and they definitely leave me wondering what the “big house” must have been like.

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